Abdurahim Hamidov – Video Compendium

It has been just over a year since the great Uzbek dutar master Abdurahim Hamidov passed away. Read a tribute by the Uzbek writer Hamid Ismailov here.

While he is no longer around, the past year saw a few more of his videos surfacing on the web. For my own easier reference – and of course for all you interested ones – I have compiled these videos into a two-part list. Besides the video itself, I shall try to add other related information, such as facts about the pieces themselves (if available), other interpretations of the same pieces in commercial recordings or online videos, and even my own (subjective/biased/not-necessarily correct) commentaries for interest sake.

The videos are not listed out in any particular order – except for my own implicit preference maybe.

The compendium will be in two parts – the Melodic and the Nomadic.

Part 1 – The Melodic

Pieces included here are taken from either the shashmaqom repertoire, or from the “semi-classical" repertoire which consist of songs written in the style of maqom whilst not belonging to its canon. These are typically more melodic, rising gradually from the lower register and culminating in the higher before returning to the opening register, with the musical intensity achieved by mainly by melodic means.

Tasnif-i Navo

Tasnif-i Navo is from the Maqom Navo – the first piece of the instrumental section (mushlikot), or in fact, the first piece of the whole of this maqom. Characteristic of the melody is its “dual-polar" of the notes F and G, and the dyad D-F. 

It remains one of my favourite piece – especially as a solo dutar piece. But it is no less beautiful played as an ensemble.

On a separate note, another master, Turgun Alimatov, “composed" his own version of the piece which is simply called “Navo", played on a sato. Whilst slightly different melodically, it is played on essentially the same scale with the same melodic characteristic as stated above, and more importantly, conveys a similar aura.

Other commercial recordings include one by Hamidov himself on Ouzbékistan: L’art du dotâr (Ocora C560111), as well as one by his student Gozal Muminova on Dotâr of Transoxania (Mahoor 229). Turgun Alimatov’s recording of Navo is found on Ouzbékistan: Turgun Alimatov (Ocora C560086) and can be heard here . A short version of it can be heard on Spotify: 

Nasr-i Segoh

Nasr-i Segoh is a piece from the Maqom Segoh, one of the pieces of the first sung section (nasr). This recording only contains a small clip from the beginning of the pieces. I have personally not seen / heard any version of this piece except that recorded by Turgun Alimatov, which can be heard on Ouzbékistan: Turgun Alimatov (Ocora C560086) (click here) or on Spotify: 


http://mcm.base-alexandrie.fr/UZ03Yasavi01.mp4 (embedding not working…)

(comments to come)


(comments to come)

Qaro ko’z

(comments to come)

Unknown Piece

(anyone knows what it is?)


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