Abdurahim Hamidov – Video Compendium Part 2: The Nomadic

This collection of pieces showcases the more virtuosic side of dutar playing, with rapidfire right hand strokes and also other “extended techniques” such as hitting the body of the instrument. Intensity is mainly derived from the fierceness of playing (rather than by melodic height as in the pieces in the last post). Even the title of the pieces sometimes allude to the physicality of playing: “Chertmak” means “to play (dutar)”; “Nolish” is the sliding motion on the left hand on the neck –hence the fleeing sound of some of the notes; and “Qo’shtori” means “twin string”, referring to the two strings of the dutar which are tuned on the same pitch – which is rare, but not unusual.

(comments for each piece to follow)

As bolaman (chertmak)








Dutor navasi





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