Complete Alisher Navoi online

In reading Nathan Light’s dissertation on performance of Turkic poetry by Uyghur 12 muqam singers, he mentioned that he was only able to peruse 6 volumes of the complete edition of Alisher Navoi (Navoiy), the great poet from the Chagatay period whose ghazals are (seemingly) frequently sung to both Uzbek and Uyghur traditional musics.

Now, it seems that, in 2011, on the occasion of Navoi’s 570 birth anniversay, the Uzbek national library website has put the complete edition of Navoi, all 20 volumes of it, on a dedicated website. Although far from being able to read much if any of it, it will still be a useful resource for those interested. Here is the website.

(On a separate note, volumes of Navoi seems to be much easier to locate than those of Mashrab, a later poet – for his style see the poem “Sig’mamdur" quoted in the “Girya" post – any clues?)



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